September 5, 2013

This blog has MOVED house

This blog has moved.
We are now over at Cottage Tails.

Hope to see you there

(PS you might want to change your links so you can find us)

Do say hello at Cottage Tails and let us know you found us ok.

September 4, 2013


 Tomorrow is a new moon, the moon rises when the sun rises. It sets when the sun sets. It crosses the sky with the sun during the day. Not that we can see a new moon for the first couple of days. 

The new moon energy is with us and it is the best energy to make changes and sow seeds of intention. 

Changes are happening.

One of the changes is that we are opening up the Farm Stay for the public, not just for owners of MandaBurms

A new name/old name has been chosen,

 Cottage Tails 

The new blog will be at

Cottage Tails Facebook is at

Hope to see you tomorrow at the new hangouts

As  two of my  favourite men in the world say
Come on over 
Tokyo, South America, Australia, France, Germany. UK, Africa.
I'm calling out around the world
Are you ready for a brand new beat....

See you all under the new moon at the new blog Cottage Tails.

September 1, 2013

Happy Birthday

Mum had her 80th birthday today.  I tend to do things on the spur of the moment  - Last Wednesday I phoned my brother up to see if he could come over from the South Island for lunch.

He was able to hop on a freight ferry. it was meant to sail at 3.30 am -YES 3.30am GASP!
Thankfully he found out last night the sailing was delayed till 5.30 am - so we all got a few extra hours sleep.
I travelled into town and picked him up at 8.30 am. I made all the lunch earlier in the week (Mum preferred not to go out for lunch) This took a bit of planning and preparing but it was enjoyed by all.

 Violets out of my garden were picked for mum

 and a bouquet of spring flowers

Its not often we manage to get everyone all together - Mum enjoyed her day.
Brent and James drove my brother back to Wellington to catch  the 6.30pm sailing back to Picton - a big day for him as he won't get home till around 10.00pm tonight

FarmStay Guests...

 Sienna cuddling in - purr purr

Beau is trying to act cross - We told him he had to have his photo taken before he got his mince tonight.
He was not at all pleased to hear this, as he could smell that mince and he wanted it now.

Oh My - I do hope Fred's family don't mind seeing this photo of him ... but well .....he has moved on so it seems (Cats are disloyal you know) - he is such a cuddly boy and just sooo relaxed about being here.

August 31, 2013


I'm home from blog camp and I met some lovely bloggers.
Leanne @
Madeleine @
Meghan @
Vicki @

 My head is spinning of where to go from here in the blog world.-

  • To become a tweeter or not, 
  • To get feedly or not
  • To get a whole new blog or not....
  • To stop blogging or not

 I've never wanted  to be a "popular" blog always preferred to stay under the radar. But I did find it interesting that google ranks you All you have to do is log into this site and enter your blog address.
A ranking of 3 or 4 is meant to be pretty great in the blog world..

Barn happenings....

 While I was away the boys dusted off my old 1938 Morris 8

 It was my little car I used everyday to go to work in before kids - I was a bank manager before kids.and one of my bosses didn't think it was a very suitable looking car for a bank manager... My reply was what car are you going to supply me with. SMILE.- Both Brent and I have never been a conformists...

 Our minimalist year has been a wonderful experience, but, it has meant Katie car has been dusted off ready to be sold.

FarmStay Guests....

Fred arrived yesterday - he is  a brother to Lordy from a different litter and he is BEAUTIFUL. Fred is here  for 45 days so you will really get to know him.

Beau and Sienna haven't minded having a new guest - I just hope Beau doesn't teach Fred his terrible table manners. Wouldn't it just be awful if when Fred goes home he drags his mince all over the nice clean floor.

Sienna looks like she it sure giving Beau a dressing down at Beau for his mucky eating doesn't she.


The famine is over

Our old girls are laying eggs again.

The big weigh in

Hens eggs are 55 g, 55 g, 60 g and 67 g

Geraldine Goose has begun her nest and her eggs weighed in at 177 g, 186 g, 197 g and 286 g
yep a whopping 286 grams

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