November 24, 2012

Cranberry Thanksgiving.

Hello to our newest followers of our blog, Karen Lynn and Kimberly via Facebook, yea glad you found us!

For 15 years our family has been celebrating Cranberry Thanksgiving - it begun from our homeschooling days with Five in a Row. We have the turkey with all the trimmings and Christmas carols are played (reluctantly might I add by the teenagers), while the Christmas tree is decorated. We each share what we have been greatful for over the year. Our family has soo much to be thankful for! This year top of the list has to be the wonderful surgeon for Abbey, our family, our friends, the privileged to of homeschooled, our land, pets, oh we are soo blessed our  life is filled with lots of  love, joy  and many many things to be greatful for.
We give thanks to our blogging readers and friends and to all the wonderful MandaBurms owners of our kittens we bred. It has been a wonderful year seeing all of the cats come back to stay. Thank you!

FarmStay Guests.

This will be the last photo you will see of Molly - Saturday Molly is heading home and I am sure will be thankful to sleep in her own bed. We have loved having Molly stay!


Just ordered your steel


Can you imagine the joy I got getting this email from Brent? 
This weekend brings the start of the cattery make over. I'm soooo excited!

Happiness is like a kiss. 
You must share it to enjoy it.
 Bernard Meltzer

The Californian Quails are visiting every morning - aren't we soo lucky!

The poppies are nearly all blooming
You can see the cattery in the background 

my poppy hedge - SWOON!

It is looking very promising that we will have cherries for Christmas day

For all the Stella fans - oh my how Stella loves Abbey!  .
Stella  adores sitting on Abbey's lap. I don't think I've ever seen such a funny sight of a dog on a lap while one is knitting. (James conned Abbey to knit him a beanie hat). But then I'm used to big dogs that live outside! Oh my how Stella has sneaked her way into changing our lives.

 The Christmas tree has been decorated with a puppy in mind - ie why growl if one doesn't have to? All temptation has been left out of reach from Stella so bottom of the tree is naked..

Mouse on the Mantel..
Have you ever heard of Elf on the Shelf? It is a fun tradition that sadly wasn't around when our kids were little - oh my the fun I would of had! As it was I used to get the kids sooo excited over Santa coming...
My family are fun! They have said they will go along with my teenage version... SIGH roll their eyes as teens do!... But I am sure I did see a twinkle of Christmas joy in their eyes.
My kitchen mouse will become the Mouse on the Mantle from Cranberry Thanksgiving until Christmas day and each family member is to play!

James was first - and the Mouse was found hung in the shower...
.(James did say the mouse had hung himself due to the ordeal...) TEENS!


  1. Love your post Leanne. So good to reflect on what you have been thankful for. Your photos are gorgeous - love the quail pic!!!!!!!!and your poppies a re a beautiful colour. Teenagers huh, what fun they bring to our lives, - wonder where the elf will turn up next!!

  2. I am coming back to read this post again this afternoon....more time, but I love your thanksgiving idea, one I have wanted to take.

  3. Yikes go away from the comment and it disappears! Love my dear Stella! I bet Abbey's glad she isn't bigger! Never heard of the book Cranberry Thanksgiving. Can't eat them any more and I already was an adult when that book was published. Love the CA quails and your beautiful purple poppies. I had them one year. I guess they weren't happy! Thanks for sharing your amazing lives. We are all blessed to know each other. xxoo Nancy

  4. Love it all!!! Sounds like a great book to read!Of course I need to read the book to 'get' the mouse thing.
    I think we will do the same with our Christmas tree this year, although our two youngest cats are over a year old, boy they reeked havock with the tree last year!
    You do have much to be thankful for, the trick is to notice, that's where some folks go wrong, too busy wanting what they don't have, instead of being thankful for what they DO have.