November 17, 2012

Friday 16th November


Dandelion, one of my favourite herbs and the first herbal ally I worked with. 

Gus has worked away at how to get out of the fenced area and has taken Geraldine with him. Geraldine never ever would do it on her own! So far they haven't got into my garden.

I have such a love hate relationship with the pukekos. Hate it that they destroy my garden and steal the goose eggs. But their little babies are cute. Which now means I have more pukekos than before. SIGH!
I've seen the hawks circling. Hawks are one of my great loves and they need to survive too. Fingers crossed, I'd much rather nature takes its course than us have to.


Isn't this just gorgeous! My friend who has become a great aunt spun the wool and knitted the little outfit.
It is made with possum fur (she homed in on the possum Mack caught), wool (again wool she has spun) and pink silk..

FarmStay Guests.

Ella and Cosby waiting for their mum to come and pick them up. We loved having them back to stay and they did  make us feel a bit sad that the MandaBurms line is no longer available. We did breed beautiful cats. I miss having kittens but am enjoying seeing the cats we bred grown up.

I was greeted in Molly's room with white fluff. I checked all her toys - but it was her bed from home she has taken her frustration out on. She has chewed three holes in her bed. Molly has already been to the vet this stay,  so I wasn't too thrilled that she had got into bed fillings. Thankfully she just seemed to be in a destroying mood and the fluff was spat out all over her room. She is well so I don't think she ate any of it....

Who me? Couldn't of been 

PS her flash bed from home has been removed.


  1. I saw your blog via Sue Jackson's and checked it your quotes and I had just used the Robet Frost one to you, heather

  2. Heather - lovely to meet you. And Big (((HUGS))) This illness is horrible. We had thought we had bet it too. But not yet. Our dd is living with endo, fybro and cfs. She conned us into letting her have a poodle. Stella has brought her much joy and we all help her look after Stella. Sending you lots of love and healing wishes.
    Love Leanne

  3. The cats are lovely, I bet they are glad to be home with their family. Have a lovely weekend friends.

    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. Yea. nothing like your own bed aye.
      Love Leanne