November 20, 2012

Monday 19th November.

Hello to our newest followers of our blog, Jo and Amanda via Facebook, and Angela yea glad you found us!

Harvest Monday, Daphne Dandelions has a harvest Monday , I don't always remember to take photos of what we harvest  but I did this Monday. By the end of the week we will be sick of spinach and broad beans  they are going to be on the menu most nights.
Can you see the strawberry ready to pick?
First strawberry of the season - we never seem to get sick of  strawberries  YUMMMM.

Molly lines up for trimmings when ever I'm in the garden. I love Molly she is such a character - getting on now age 13 or 14. The neighbours goat keeps coming over and picking on her. Poor old Molly! My phone call to the neighbour has meant their goat is looking for a new home, as they can't keep their goat inside fences (been there done that over the years with Molly's kids.)

James threaded me a new clothes line and as he knows I love red, he chose red line at the shops for me.
 It's starting to look a lot like Christmas around here SMILE.

FarmStay Guests.

Molly is very happy and well trained at going into her carry cage to be taken out to the outdoor run. She lines up to go in it no trouble at all.

Molly is hard to get photos as she rolls about. We are all commenting at how much happier Molly is being the only cat staying at the moment. We thought she might of been a bit lonely with Cosby and Ella going, but no she seems to prefer being a solitary cat. (her grandma Briar is the same)

Talking of Briar we got a lovely email from her new home (SOB we still miss Briar. None of us liked moving on our old queens - hence the reason we stopped breeding.)

Just to let you know that Briar Rose is the best rabbit catcher ever.  She never makes any attempt to eat them but she does catch some very big ones and brings them all home and into the house of course.  She is doing just fine.  Has spent most of the winter by the fire and in my bed at night she knows where to find the warmth.  I am sure she misses my husband and often sits in his chair and looks at me as if to say when are you going to sit down with me.
I do hope everything is going well for you folk.  I guess you will have a lot of bookings for cats over Christmas.  Take care love from Briar and Heather.

I'm often asked what we eat being on such strict food diets (allergies and wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, fish and nuts free) It really is second nature to me now. Planning and cooking from scratch is the key.
Bircher Museli (I base my recipe on Wild Healths) but I don't really measure just chuck in oats, shredded coconut, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and raisins. My evening routine is to set some in a bowl to soak overnight ready for breakfast the next morning.

I must share the most yummiest yoghurt ever from Biofarm - mmm bush honey is divine!
Quoting from their website
 Biofarm's Bush Honey is a combination of natural acidophilus yoghurt and native honey, including Manuka, Pohutukawa, Rewarewa and Tawari from forests in the Kaimai Ranges and on the South Island's West Coast. The honey is gently stirred into the natural yoghurt to produce delicious high-energy 


  1. I do like your very stylish christmas tree LOL

    1. LOl - our real one goes up on Friday - as per tradition of Cranberry Thanksgiving. I bet Stella is going to have fun!

  2. Your spinach and broadbeans look amazing Leanne and I would be happy to have them right now!

    1. The garden is producing well - and the hops is growing every moment you look at it. I love spring!

  3. Your spinach looks delicious (mine are just baby sprouts at this point), but I'd be eyeing that strawberry if I were you, too!

    1. The strawberry netting goes on today! Mr and Mrs blackbird and Mr and Mrs thrush plus Stella dog have been helping themselves to MY strawberries.

  4. I'm so glad I found your new blog, Leanne! I would miss seeing the kitties and hearing about your beautiful garden and way of life.

    1. Wendy I was struggling with time to do a family one and a cat one. So dropped the family blog. But got soo many complaints from friends (many overseas enjoy seeing what we are up to)so pressure from the fans so to speak made me change the cat blog into a general all rounder. It's a good record of the garden to keep too.

  5. I wish I'd planted enough broad beans to get sick of them. My crop is finishing and I'm left wanting more.