November 21, 2012

Monday 20th November

Hello to our newest followers of our blog, Tania via Facebook, and Kat, Tania, Tylasnan, Lattejunkie, Rose, Jeanette, nutmeg gardener, The Smiths and Kath yea glad you found us!

MandaBurms FarmStay Guests.

"I think I've moved on, I'm very happy here" Shares Molly.

Me thinks it is a good thing her mum is coming out to visit her today and will be picking her up on Saturday to go home - Our family will miss her very much!
Huge congratulations to Molly's mum who has been down here studying she PASSED her exams - WHOOP WHOOP well done!


This is one mighty fine looking ginger puss don't you think?
When both Brent and I were young, all sorts of animals had a habit of following us home from school. Many times our parents  had to help us return animals to where we found them... SIGH!.

This lovely ginger fella sits at my school gates welcoming all the children. Isn't his tail beautiful - just like a red pandas. He is safe, our kids won't let us have any more cats. But later on when I grow up I'm going to get a big fat ginger Tomcat like this one.

Kikki K
SQUEAL - the kids at school are going to be soo jealous of my new stationary - Kikki K is such fun!

Close up of rubber - photo source from Kikki K website.

I haven't shared how much I am loving working at the school. I've learnt all sorts of things including how to laminate. My efforts of sealing school books ended up in a mess of sellotape with one of the kids gasping in horror at my mess I was in and then telling the teacher on me - Tell tail tit!

I smiled listening to some girls play - I think it was a game like mothers and fathers...
"You can be mother and have the kids"
GASP "I'm never ever getting married, And I'm never ever having kids!"
"You know you don't have to be married to have kids"

Oh 7 year olds are delightful!


  1. Love the big ginger puss!
    What a cute story about the kids! Glad you are enjoying school, more so than when you were a kid I bet!

    1. Leeanne - yes I I am loving working with the kids. One of the reasons I went to work at the school was to really decide if I wanted to go off to teacher training. Something I had always wanted to do but life got in the way. I most firmly do not want to be a teacher. They work way hard! It has put that plan firmly out of my mind. It has also confirmed why we chose to homeschool and I'm really greatful we made the choice. Not all families can have such an option (lets face it, it is a two income world now a days). My skills I've gathered over my homeschooling years are helping some little kids and this gives me great joy. Some kiddies just need some one on one help. And I love 7 year olds they are soo fun!

  2. Hi Leanne - so pleased to find you - love the new blog. We are buying a lifestyle block too so I'm going to enjoy your farm stories even more, such an inspiration :)

    1. SQUEAL Carol I am soo thrilled for you! Are you going to keep a diary aka blog of the journey? I love our land and I am sure you are going to love yours! I'm so excited for you.
      Love Leanne

  3. Molly does look very much at home! You are right,there is something special about big ginger toms! Out of the mouths of babes,aye? Fun what gems you hear in the playground! Imagine getting told on by the youngsters 'at your age!!'

    1. I had forgotten just how much 7 and 8 year olds see life in black and white. man are they tell tail tits! I adore this age and I get a chuckle from them everyday.

      I got told I had dirty hands (my pointer finger on right hand has ingrained dirt from the garden I really should wear garden gloves and moisturize my hands...) LOL Talk about kids say it as it is!
      Love Leanne