November 27, 2012

Monday 26th November

Harvest Monday hosted by  Daphnes Dandelions, a bit light on the harvest side here - the broad beans were cleaned out last week, lettuce, spinach and silverbeet are nearing their end and will be eaten this week.
The preview of summer food is here - our very first raspberry of the season!

The roses are making a wonderful display - Charles Austen.


Speaking of  gentlemen in my garden -  Charles Austin today and William Lobb yesterday reminds me of the book I have by my bedside table at the moment 

Pssssss Ttt Your steel has arrived
My email from Brent today. 

Exciting aye!

Mouse On the Mantel (aka teenager version of Elf on the Shelf)

The Hiding place was a goodie - no one could find him unless Hot cold was played. I love how my family like to be silly!


  1. You are ahead of us Leanne, no berries yet, but the currant bushes are loaded, still green.The steel, is it for the new cattery accommodation???The men did that in very quick time, it looks great. Cheers from Jean

  2. Yes the steel is for the next stage of the cattery - Thrilling aye!

  3. That beautiful raspberry makes my mouth water! Our raspberry bushes never do too well and the few berries get quickly eaten by birds. As we are moving into cold cold winter here, I love seeing your summery berry and flower!

  4. Your family sure is having fun with Mr mouse-elf - long may it continue!! He will be able to write a story when the month is over!!

  5. I am in love with that chandelier! :)

  6. How lovely to grow raspberries - I don't think there's a nicer fruit.

  7. Your rose is beautiful. I miss living in my old house when my roses would first make a beautiful appearance. And I love Mr. Mouse-Elf! How fun to have such a character running round or rather hanging around.