November 24, 2012

Saturday 24th November

Hello to our newest follower of our blog, Elrita - hello Kimberly's mum, yea glad you found us!

The Building begins!

 PST did you notice the hat James is wearing what his sister knitted for him? James loves his new hat!

OOOh I'm sooo excited! My men folk are still outside working on it a 9pm - daylight saving is wonderful for fitting as many hours in the day as one can.
It is going to be soo POSH!

Raising Sheep...
 Spring grass is fattening the lambs just right. Some of the young rams are taking on Tex the ram.... It's time for us to intervene. 

Mouse on the Mantel..
TUT TUT! riding the gold on the antique horse....


  1. Yip i spotted the hat .nice job Abbey !

  2. Maree - he loves it! And wears it every night to take the dogs for a walk.