November 19, 2012

Sunday 19th November

 Isn't nature awesome?
The first poppy of the season.

I have lovely rows of poppies at the back of our section hoping bogans will not see them and pinch them for their own use.... I enjoyed The Botany of Desire very much by  Michael Pollan and chuckled along while reading it.
The second poppy ready to flower. It's so worth keeping your own seeds I have so many more plants this year - to think how many more I'll get next year.

 Sunday was fine so spent  busy planting - (good time by moon to plant ) more lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, zuchinni, eggplant, capsicums were planted. James planted corn where the beetroot had been pulled out. AND now I am competing with him for my compost! We had a bit of a drama where my homebrew of poo tea I make fell over SOB it was a beautiful brew of sheep poop tea. and was going to be a wonderful drink for the garlic and strawberries. Oh well at least we have ample supply of sheep poop - but the brew was a really a good one!.

Farmstay Guests.
 Molly adores Brent and puts on quite a show!

 Oh my the bunting and flirting she does with him is obscene.

 Ta da Brent had enough corrugated iron for the next stage of the cattery.

 Oh my there is nearly enough supplies for a Tiny House that the kids are keen to build. The extension to the cattery has officially begun! whoop whoop..Next year I plan to open the cattery up to friends of MandaBurms.


My experiment with lentils worked - a vegan meal if I hadn't used beef stock smile...lentil and vegetable soup .and home made bread for those of us who eat wheat and yeast. Time to make up some vegetable stock as I  have run out hence beef stock used. I know our vegan friends will think there might be hope for me yet SMILE.


  1. poppy colour is superb, I like the flowers/bubs just before the petals pop open. I'll save some ruffled deep red for you.great tiny houses!!! Cheers from Jean

    1. I love watching how the buds flop over but then the stalks seem to ping up when they flower. Thanks love a gal can't have too many poppies.
      Love Leanne

  2. Wow that poppy nearly looks like crepe paper. The colour is beautiful. Sue

    1. SMILE I was out looking at the poppies yesterday and remembering my grandma who used to make crepe paper ones.
      Love Leanne