November 16, 2012

Thursday 15th November

Puppy School

Training of Stella Aroha is going really well.
She can drop


And gets bored waiting for the other pups to learn.

WARNING - the following is a bit like the phone calls I used to take for mothers interested in homeschooling their children. They would ALL pretty much tell me that their child was bright or advanced...

Stella thinks she is very bright and advanced.
It gets a bit embarrassing to watch. But Stella gets very bored in Puppy class and really thinks it is all a bit of a yawn. Stella wants to be with the big dogs in the very advanced class who do agility 
The photo shows clearly how Stella turns her back (how rude!) on the puppy class to watch the bigger dogs practice agility.

It gets terribly embarrassing at how blatantly obvious Stella makes it that she really feels her peers are well, so puppyish...

FarmStay Guests.

What wonderful whiskers Molly has!

Sorry no photos of Cosby or Ella - my batteries in camera died and the others were not turned on for charge.. Both are doing fine and enjoyed their lap pats from Brent as he had his beer.


  1. I think Stella is naturally VERY BRIGHT, .why else would she watch the big dogs and want to be there, just like a child who says" Can I go with the others" even if they are so much older and do bigger & better ( and maybe dangerous ) things.The training, and loving family life all show in her poise, her looks and lovely glossy coat, greetings from Jean

    1. We would never of dreamed having a poodle, but wow the breed is very smart. Does look funny walking down the road with a poodle and a Mastiff. Abbey might do agility with her when she is older.

  2. Awww cute Miss Stella. At least she is interested in what is going on.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. LOL, YES but at the wrong class.LOL
      Hope to get in garden over weekend and get more summer planting done. Hope you get the weekend off work!
      Love Leanne