December 12, 2012

December 11th

Run rabbit, run run run 

Run pukeko, run run run

BUT they are safe for another day - my gun I went to buy was faulty GASP
However Brent will come with me in the weekend to help me pick my gun.
I have asked for a gun for Christmas!


Oh MY James' little truck is getting festive.
The kids surprized me with a special gift too. Their annual photo with Santa.
Such a treasure, being homeschooled this has been their annual photo in which we can see how they have grown. I won't share the photo as I haven't asked their permission yet. But it is such a wonderful photo!

A Box Of Sunshine.

Such a fun idea off Pinterest - a friend has been in hospital and a group of us have been gathering a box of sunshine for her. My friend who is very arty is packaging it all up pretty - I won't get to see it all finished but she might take a photo for me to share.

FarmStay Guests.



Rosa has told us she doesn't like the boys staying - But they do sit in a row and look at her - I wish I could of got a photo of it.  Jack isn't phased - he just ignores the boys who do nothing but look at Rosa, but can you blame them she is soo beautiful..


James I do NOT want my photo taken!
Worst part about staying here is the paparazzi!

Charles (Laura and Caro's litter brother- from the very first litter we ever bred.

Ollie - is there anything better than watching a cat wash?

Muddy... the boys will not be pleased when the netting goes on in the weekend. At the moment they can go to both runs and as cats do they like to sit up high on the wall.

All guests are doing well - no worries with eating - must like our tucker.... But then you should never trust a skinny cook aye!


  1. A gun with a scope!! My arms are too short to hold a rifle properly... Lovely girls and boys, they enjoy the high places so much. Cheers from Jean

  2. Jean - bet I howl the first time I use it. The kids say I am all talk... James is taking quite an interest in my Christmas gift.

    Brent plans to make shelves for the cattery as cats do like to sit up high. Will be later in year along with the next stage of alterations in cattery. My double doors I am loving.
    Love Leanne

  3. Loving that reindeer truck! I myself have a wreath on my Jeep. Makes me feel like I am spreading joy! You look fab with your gun. :) Kit

    1. Mack keeps trying to bite the antlers when he is on the back of the truck.
      Love Leanne