December 13, 2012

FarmStay Guests 13th November

Three of the boys - I think it is Charles that doesn't hang out with the gang. I can't quite work it our while quickly snapping a shot before they all move and come greet me.


 Milo being hand fed treats by Abbey - warning any progeny from Caro is Abbey's firm favourite.

 Rosa went crazy for the turkey flavour temptations treats.

 Rosa worked out way fast which way was open.

 Jack trying to leave teeth marks - sorry not a good photo of Jack but I HAD to rescue the packet.

 Hazard of being a cattery maid... this darling New Zealand weta nearly fell on my head. I have to be careful opening our cats run as the wetas live in the virgillia tree and often one plops down on my head.

 But one of the perks of being a cattery maid is being sung to by the New Zealand tui. Tui's are the first and last bird to sing every morning and night. I treasure that they feel at home at our place and visit the virgillia tree.
Today felt like summer here 25 deg c first real hot day. Brent and I worked out in the garden until dusk.

Life is grand!


  1. Everything looks just so peaceful and purrfect at your homestead, Leanne. I'd love to have that many kitties staying at my house. Your photos are as beautiful as ever.

  2. Twelve kitties here at the moment, 2 dogs, 2 geese, 1 rooster 5 hens, 1 parrot 1 goat, 1 ram, sheep, lambs. I wonder if people might think we love animals? I wish you could hear the dawn chorus - best part ever of my day! Love Leanne

  3. Beautiful sunset! We've had some lovely weather here too but us farmers are saying, more rain soon please!!!

    1. It was a lovely night last night - Brent and I worked in garden till 9.30pm. Our garden needs some rain too - just please no rain for next Friday.
      Love Leanne

  4. Oh what lovely eye candy cats!

    Next Friday??? what's happening???


    1. I have yet to show lads true colours... They are real boys and have tats and ear piercing to prove it. But I didn't want to worry Rosa and Jack's mum seeing such photos until they had met the boys in real life. Not that they every would come in contact with each other.