December 15, 2012

Friday 14th December

Welcome, come inside and have a peek of our day.
“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. 
What we do with this hour, and that one, is what we are doing"
 Annie Dillard

Every morning I make Brent's lunch -  I think this makes up for always having an unfinished ironing pile of all his shirts.


 The cherries are nearly ready - I wish they were netted as I know the birds are keeping an eye on them too.

 I couldn't help myself, I just had to have a peek to see how my garlic is going - VERY pleased with the size of the bulbs. Our 2nd season of growing our own variety of garlic - next year I will plant MORE! - A few more weeks of growing still me thinks.


 Two more blocks to go and  it will be big enough for Abbey's bed.

Abbey has asked Santa for a walking foot for her new machine.

Quilt design is by Bee In My Bonnett - the great granny along.

 Brent often works away in his barn at night - Gus is chief guard goose. Anyone would be a fool to mess with Gus!

 Brent has just got some original steel rear guards for his old pick up truck. These came from America and were from a truck found out in the desert somewhere. They were still painted in the original black paint -  with the red undercoat underneath. Brent has started stripping them & is very pleased to find that they need very little work.

Farm Stay Guests...

Milo is licking his chops, he likes his tinned food. He is eating well here despite being known as fussy with his food at home. Ollie seems to be the champion eater here but all four boys are able to put away a good feed.

Aren't cats funny, there is more than one bowl of food down 
- but it must taste better all eating out of the same dish.

Born August 2007
Mother Rosemary, Father Lordy.

Muddy love bites like his mother Rosemary and grandmother Briar.
It's just a little nip with lots of purrs and rubs. Shows how much he loves you. Brent likes Muddy.


  1. Brent, was that a passionfruit in your lunch selection??Do you grow them yourselves!!!Lovely quilt, and I think that Santa will take one look at that perfect sewing and decide an attachment for the Bernina is on order already. I so like the border, truly lovely. Greetings from Jean

  2. Yes we do grow passionfruit - I've noticed one so far and not as many flowers yet - better give it a feed. It was an avocado in his lunch. Abbey knows she is getting the walking foot - they both picked their gifts this year, we got it in the Bernina sale whoop whoop.
    No border on the quilt. The quilt blocks are just placed on the bed to see how many more blocks are needed. But now you mention it - I wonder if she needs another row at the bottom. mmm Have a great day Love Leanne

  3. Your quilt is looking fab, it will go very well with the pale green walls.

    1. It's pretty aye - Abbey likes white fabric - I'm a cream gal - but the white does seem to make the colours pop. Scrappy quilts me thinks suit our old villa
      Love Leanne

  4. It al looks great - from Brent's healthy lunch to the quilt and the cats and the garlic.....

    1. Ye the garlic is looking promising aye whoop whoop.
      love leanne

  5. Your quilt blocks look fabulous. I've got my fabrics to make that quilt but that's all i've done. Maybe in the new year. :) I think i'll come to your house for lunch. lol. Brent's looks so yummy. Hugs,

    1. Looking forward to seeing your quilt under way in 2013
      Love Leanne

  6. Great lunch, I bet the chocolates are a fav!
    Great quilt Abby is making, I hope Santa comes to the party with a walking, money well spent, a walking foot is a must have for successful domestic machine quilting. I love her bed too.
    Is that your front door? Very pretty.

    1. We have a lot of doors in the place - that door is in the hallway to the laundry. I should show more of our lead light windows our villa have - I do soo enjoy them.
      Love Leanne