December 8, 2012

Friday 7th December

 Now two of these kitties are Jack and Rosa with their litter mates and mother Laura only a few hours old
Just thought you might like to see a photo of Jack and Rosa as baby kitties...

One year ago we stopped breeding kitties - I still miss having kittens about the place.
Introducing Tabitha
The VW is impractical, way too small for teenage boys to get into and their heads touch the back windscreen - way uncomfortable. Tabitha the Commodore arrived today on a transporter, being red she goes real fast. Only 71000 km & One owner before us - He has got to old to drive it.

 Secret Santa...
Secret Santa gift must be only $10.00
A movie voucher from video shop,  popcorn and maltesers.- free the popcorn box from the movie theatre - the kind boy said shhh we could have one free new empty box to put the goodies in.

maltesers salad is the best salad in the world! 

A Maltesers Salad - decadent & divine - a must do when you go to the movies.

1 bucket of popcorn
1 packet of Maltesers


Mouse on the Mantle


  1. Great car. We had one when we arrived in Australia for about four years....loved it.

    Loving the mouse on the mantle...although he is no soo much on the mantle...should be mouse into mischief really.

    I always try to guess who has done it but I am sure I have it wrong most days.

    1. Brent is pleased with it - good for a daily run to and from work and awesome low ks.

  2. Love the salad, I see no mention of calories, obviously there is none.

    Happy days.

    1. no none as word is salad - smile. Love Leanne

  3. Great 'little runabout' this family approves! Good idea for a fun Secret Santa pressie but you may need to stock up again after letting Christmas Mouse into it! Love the fact that the salad has no calories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your cattery is tres posh with the new bedding and crockery - didn't see any silver spoons though!!
    I looked in the Tirau Christmas shop for a Christmas mouse and can you believe they didn't have any!! Still hunting!!