December 10, 2012

Monday 10th December

  I spy with my little eye the odd ones out...

The doves are back...
Most of the dove cotes have Mr and Mrs Starling nesting in them.
it will be interesting to see what happens with the doves wanting to reclaim their home

FarmStay Visitors...
 warm welcome to Charles, Ollie, Muddy and Milo

Charles and Muddy having a rattle up with Brent.

Milo, Muddy and Charles watching the sheep.Tad scary as they grouped like a mob when the sheep came up to the fence. 
Please excuse the clean litter trays dumped in middle of the floor. I find as I enter the runs, the cats prefer me to make a fuss of them, feed them and then clean up after them.

 The boys... Muddy, Charles and Milo - you can just see Ollie's tail under the chair - he was too busy eating.
We have been warned he will eat all the dinner - and he sure got stuck into tonight's meal - organic, home kill   of liver and kidneys. All gave their approval including Milo who is a fussy eater.

 Rosa - what a show she puts on for Brent - I'm going to capture her girly show on video one of these days!

Jack a real sponge for attention.
 Jack purrrrrr

Jack and Rosa don't like red meat so they got flaked tuna with shredded crab and a dollop of cream


 The boys got told to turn the music down - we were a tad concerned for Geraldine who is sitting on 6 eggs.

 James informs me that Geraldine likes their music and was head banging to the beat...


mmm soo much for me saying no dogs on beds!!!

But you see Stella watches over abbey soo well when she is poorly.

Stella lies ever so nicely and keeps Abbey company.  Just look at that cute little nose... I bet you would soften too.

I'll post this tonight, as The boys family are heading off to Scotland tomorrow morning and they might like to see that their boys have settled in well and have a full tummy. Safe travels and we will be watching the news re weather over in London and Scotland


  1. Lots of nice animal pics today Leanne, especially of Stella on the bed - he he! imagine Geraldine enjoying the music so much!!

  2. Raewyn, I can't believe what Stella gets away with! The family have started calling me "the mean grandma".
    Geraldine Goose is a lovely girl a very much loved member of our family.
    Love Leanne

  3. Awww those kitties are all so adorable. Who could say "no" to Stella? She is adorable. :) I'm sure Geraldine was enjoying being played music too. :) Hugs,

    1. I say no to Stella - she would be ruling the roost if it was not for me. Do you know she thinks it is fine to chew a chewy raw hide bone on my carpet! - MMM hence why I am called mean grandma!

  4. What a handsome kitty family, I am sure they will have a great stay.

    Isn't Stella a good girl watching over Abbey, what a sweetie.

    1. Julie - I have yet to show real photos of these boys... They are great fun to have stay.
      Love Leanne

  5. Your kitties and relative kitties are so lucky to stay with all of you! The loving attention is what blesses them most and all your family seems to be doing that in spades. I'm so glad that Abbey has little Stella to be her guardian angel. We all need a Stella, in dog form or cat form.

    1. Wendy we have only ever put one of our cats ever in a cattery - Weka and we didn't think much of that. Hence we try and make the cattery how we know cats would like it. We will be opening up the cattery next year to friends of MandaBurms - ie they will have to be recommended to us from MandaBurms owners.

      Stella has been great for Abbey - I admit it all of you who said we should let Abbey have a dog were right. But Laura (cat) still disagrees with you
      Love Leanne