December 16, 2012

Saturday 15th December


Red clover gathering has begun, I find harvesting is best early summer. I prefer to dry it in the dehydrator this way less chance of it going brown during the drying process.

 My little patch of red clover sits on the bank looking at the cattery - and very obvious as the boys aren't allowed to weed eat that patch. Clover is extremely high in protein and you can eat the whole plant. Medicinally it is high in oestrogen so wonderful for menopause. Hops is higher in oestrogen than red clover so good to alternate the herbal teas eg hops in the morning and red clover in the evening.  Red clover (and hops) are both great relaxant herbs which can be wonderful for woman going through the change. Red clover will help regulate your oestrogen, helping your body stay on an even flow.

Farm Stay Guests and cattery
 The sheep often come and sit close to the cattery but very rarely do I get it a chance to snap a photo to show on the blog

 Brent's friend Muddy asking Brent "What are you doing"? Muddy talks away - He really is a lovely fella!

 Milo and Muddy slept while all the alterations were going on - They didn't mind a bit.

Ollie claimed the scratching pole as his.

 Charles likes to be up high keeping an eye on everything.

 The second run got its roof on today

 Ta Da. Roof on - Sunday  the netting will be recycled. Brent said there is just enough to net between the two runs.

I was gutted, Brent called me to the kitchen window this morning to witness a rabbit emerging from  my vegetable garden. Everyone here roared with laughter while I jumped up and down. Brent said "Lets call him Clipperty". (From the story of Brer Rabbit) However Clipperty' s stay proved rather short - Cinders caught the rascally rabbit in the evening when he next came to the vege patch -  and no way was she letting the other cats have a look in on her catch.

 Isn't Cinders a clever girl!

My Christmas gift is sitting under the tree. I'll admit I'm not looking forward to doing the deeds but we seem to be overun with rabbits this year. It fits my self ssufficiency plan  - Living off the land.

I'm trying not to watch the news.
Working in a school with 7 year olds and being a parent my heart is soo sad for the families having to face such an experience. I think Mister Rogers is a very wise and there are many people helping - I just wish the news would focus a bit more on the wonderful people in our world.

"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." To this day, especially in times of "disaster," I remember my mother's words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world."
Mister Rogers.


  1. Leanne, a rifle with a scope!!! Is that a fire extinguisher or soda syphon?? In the tall white bottle?Or am I wrong twice over? poor buggsy, but that is nature, who am I to say save a rabbit and lose the veges?? I know what Hugh would do. Lovely clover flowers too. Greetings from Jean.

    1. Jean I know!!! Lucky gal aye - I'll be able to keep it handy and ping those pesky critters that ry to eat my garden. I've even got plans for them to feed my chickens from my hunting skills. I've been researching chicken food and maggots are going to be on their menu.
      I'm turning into a right ole hillbilly.
      Love Leanne

  2. Well done Cinders!!! Well done helpers!!!
    Muddy is very intelligent I think??? I don't know how you tell them all apart...maybe it is easier when your know their personalities, colourings size and habits.
    Love your present! I think I might be getting a worm farm.

    1. The Burmese boys all have name tags which has helped us learn their names - they all look different and we can work out who is who - helps that some of them have ear piercing and tattoos.
      I hope you are getting a worm farm - I love my girls!
      James spied a rabbit in the paddock last night and thought I should open my present before Christmas SMILE. I bet I howl the first time I shoot something.
      Love Leanne

  3. Thank you so much for becoming my newest follower. I love your quote today by Mister Rodgers. I need to write that down. Your place is beautiful and your gun is awesome.
    I liked what you said about red clover.
    Your cherries look so pretty. It was so nice meeting you today.

    1. Lovely to meet you too! the birds bet us to the cherries, hence I had Brent up the tree getting all that was left to hopefully ripen. It is on our plan to net the front garden where cherries, blueberries and grapes are - but will not be this season.
      Love leanne