December 2, 2012

Saturday 1st December 2012

 Stella Aroha
Stella is a tomboy poodle, she hasn't got a girly bone in her body. She is forever getting told off for bringing inside bits of wood and in the paddocks we are having to tell her to leave the sheep poop alone!

 Don't yea just want to burst out singing "The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music"

The hills are alive with the sound of music
With songs they have sung for a thousand years
The hills fill my heart with the sound of music
My heart wants to sing every song it hears
My heart wants to beat like the wings of the birds that rise from the lake to the trees

Brent and Abbey were horrified with my gathering today

In among the long grass was a Pukeko nest . Evil laugh! I'm gonna win the war of the Pukekos! How dare they destroy my garden!

They nest from usually August to March, often two female pukeko's will share the same nest and as I have not damaged the nest, hopefully they will lay there again and I can keep gathering their eggs!

The eggs are really pretty,  with blotches of brown at the larger end. They are approx 50mm x 35 mm in size. The Pukeko who flew off the nest would have one more egg to lay, as each female usually lays 6 eggs. I do wonder how the sitting works with more than one female laying her eggs in the nest. It will be interesting to watch the nest.. The eggs were cold so safe for us to make a Pukeko omelette which we will try Sunday. Revenge is sweet! 

Talking nests, Geraldine and Gus have been busy again - Geraldine is sitting on 6 eggs and yes we are going to let her raise her babies. I have a friend who said she was interested in getting a goose....Lilly sheep is giving congratulations to Geraldine.

 Stella enjoying her romp in the sheep paddock wanting to do you know what!
(I'm a pedigree poodle who likes to eat sheep poop SIGH)

View of our place from top of paddock
My blue bins stand out a bit - they hold my sheep poop tea I brew for my garden.

FarmStay Guest...

 Hello Rosa and Jack!
I think I'd struggle living with close neighbours - I'm so used to talking to all the animals - neighbours might think I'm a tad crazy.

 Stella, Molly goat  (who isn't too well SOB) along with Rosa and Jack supervising Brent.

 Haven't Jack and Rosa got beautiful long tails!
Ta da the door has been made for the porch - the entry into the outdoor cattery will have double doors for Christmas!

Naughty Stella! she knows she is not allowed down by the cattery - but as she is still a puppy she did forget.
Stella tells me she is not talking to the cats, she is smelling the sweet peas - yea right!
Jack and Stella are nearly touching noses 

 Oh Jack he is too funny, one wouldn't think he was comfortable but rattle away he did.
I didn't get a good photo of Rosa - didn't realise until I got inside Sorry Rosa's family!

I'm behind in posting the Christmas Mouse on the mantle (aka elf on the shelf)

 He was found in the Christmas tree - the family has declared this lame!

 Poor Christmas mouse was found in the stocks of the candle holder.
And I'm told he hurt himself getting out of the stocks.... Teenagers!


  1. I love your adventures!! We need to do the same with the Magpie nests - although I don't fancy getting too close to one of them! I think your Stella being a tomboy poodle is possibly similar to our Oscar trying to be a farm dog poodle - pulls it off 9 times out of 10 but then does something like sniffing the sweetpeas and his true colours show!! Poor little Christmas Elf, hope he gets better soon!!

  2. Have fun raiding the magpie nest - that is being brave! I'll admit you were right to talk me into letting abbey have a poodle, seems like she has always lived here now. I'm dreading whee the poor Christmas mouse is going to end up today...

  3. I think Stella and Cricket should get married. They could honeymoon on a sheep farm. But I won't tell you what Cricket did once many years ago when one of my human babies took his nappy off while playing outside....
    Gorgeous photos of your home.

    1. LOL Abbey said NO!

      I'm having a play with shutterfly thanks for heads up.
      Love Leanne

  4. Great post & photo's Leanne. Love reading about what you have all been up. Glad you are still blogging. Hugs,

    1. Jeannette thanks blogging is a good journal of what one has been up to and it's nice for the owners to see their cats are happy while staying here.
      Love Leanne

  5. Oh well done with the egg stealing. ( are you really going to eat them? ) I am loving the mouse antics! I have a bear who was my MIL's who sits on the cushions on our bed and he sometimes has adventures..... R says he is a he sometimes does gymnastics and naughty things.
    I saw some Christmas mice yesterday at a shop ...just might have to get one or maybe I a couple for our 2 young ones to start a Christmas decoration collection of there own.

    1. LOL Yes Brent cooked up two pukeko eggs. They were not to my liking (could of been mind over matter) The rest I will take into school for the children to see.
      So will your Christmas mouse be naughty too? I just found where todays mouse was hidden and can't stop laughing - my family have full got on board with this...
      Love Leanne

  6. Stella is a lucky girl to have all that space for her adventures, it all looks so lovely.

    1. Stella and Mack don't get to play in the paddocks often due to sheep, they get walked and we have lovely walking paths by us - must take camera along.
      Love Leanne

  7. What a beautiful property you have! All that green meadow just makes me smile when I look at it! Thank you for sharing all this with us!

    1. Thanks - sometimes from the top view Brent and I pinch ourselves. The grass is slow to come away this year not enough heat in the sun to get the grass growing.
      Love Leanne