December 24, 2012

Sunday 22nd December

FarmStay Guests

A warm welcome to our new guest Zara.

Zara is our first tabby to of visited - she is a pretty wee thing with stunning long whiskers.

and white socks. A little unsure of where she is but very friendly and comes out of her igloo for little pats.

Feeding time... a little dollop of cream since it is Christmas time.

Bella is eating amazingly well, at home it is Molly that pushes in at meal times, but here Bella is in charge.

Molly stands guard and lets Bella have first pickings.

The boy cats I didn't snap any photos, I forgot - sorry . I was on outside of the runs watching James and Brent giving big loves to the boys. Muddy loved James with a good love bite.

Mother and daughters, Freya, Laura, and Maji with auntie Cinders coming up the rear.
They had their eye on James's parrot .


  1. The Feline families are so lovely, and the wee tabby, perfect markings. Cream!!Ours love a wee taste too. Happy Christmas Eve to you all, fond greetings from Jean and Hugh

  2. Oh that tabby is sooooo pretty! A touch of cream? It sure if a life of luxury at your five star hotel!
    Our Kaiser thinks it is a treat to lick the last of the milk from my muesli bowl - he even eats any seeds I haven't finished.
    Funny cat.

    Cheers and best wishes for the Season


  3. The tabby is so cute. Such an adorable face. Love the cream treat. Must remember that for tomorrow. Hugs,

  4. I'm a tabby lover & she is such a sweetie! Cream we do that too for a treat.
    Wishing you a most magical Christmas!