December 10, 2012

Sunday 9th December

Rosa and Jack enjoyed all the activity this weekend and have enjoyed watching the building. Brent told me they would be fine with all the banging and he was right - they didn't mind in the slightest.

 Rosa likes to sit on one of the stepping stones

 I'd made lovely beds on their chairs so they could watch - but obviously I hadn't made their beds right as they quickly remade them to just how they like it.
 Ta da looking good. I've got to get out there Monday morning and give it a good sweep and set it all up for the  family of four boys that  are arriving today.

 Double doors I am soo looking forward to using these - I've always been a tad nervous without them.

 Plenty of room for me to walk in carrying dinner, litter trays and bedding.

 I've got a good latch from the inside

 The inside will get netted next weekend - we ran out of netting. Not that the four boys will mind. I bet they are going to be climbing all over the wall.

 Now if these blokes had not written anything do you really think I would of noticed?


Glove artichoke are coming into flower. -

I keep on chuckling Abbey was informed this week her parents were counterculture 
It's actually made my year!
Another person asked Abbey if her parents were of the hippy era - due to naming her Abbey - like in the Beatles Abbey Road.. chuckle... 


  1. Carpentry skills, the very best. Abbey Road, a lovely piece of music and history. Double doors, so safe, you will like them so much. Cheers from Jean

    1. Yes the blokes have done an amazing job aye. One more weekend working on it and all finished until next years alterations. Brent told me he would get this years alterations for the Christmas guest done - and he has. I'm sure the cats staying are going to love it.

      Love Leanne