December 5, 2012

Tuesday 4th December

It is totally exciting seeing the seeds you have lovingly planted begin to grow. James's corn is coming through each day now.

Waltham pumpkin - I got these seeds for free as I noticed in the organic shop the expiry date and asked for a pack with a more current date. Whoop Whoop they still are growing awesome as I so wanted Waltham pumpkin. and of course I'll save my seeds soI will have my own stash for years to come.
Sunflowers - my timing should be just right I plan to plant these when the garlic is harvested.

James's tobacco - makes my heart sing as he collected his own seeds - Yea!
James still doesn't smoke after allowing him to grow his own tobacco in our home schooling garden unit. 
He has researched NZ law and he informs me he is allowed to sell tobacco plants - just not tobacco in a processed form. My shaman friends will be his best customers I am sure..

FarmStay Guests.

 Jack made the most of the sunny day - raining here this morning so no outside run for them today.

Rosa was on full alert watching the lambs play.

Mouse on the Mantle (aka elf on the shelf)


  1. Great progress in the garden. That mouse...where will he end up next??

  2. I must admit I am surprized at the antics the family have got up to with the Mr Mouse...
    Love Leanne