December 1, 2012

Welcome Back Jack and Rosa

Oh my Jack!  I can see his mother Laura in this pose.

  And Rosa she takes after her father Lordy.

 Nana dropped Jack and Rosa off, they settled in really well. 
Maybe a bit too well - Jacks manners were left at home!

 LOL Jack gets both front feet into my box of treats - planning to help himself.

 Jack and Rosa enjoying their treat.

 Jack checking out Rosa's treat (they both got the same )

 Jack thinks Rosa's treat is better than his....

 Rosa doesn't make a fuss, she just goes and eats Jacks treat ... CATS!

I think this is my first photo ever of getting all of our six cats together.

 The startlings have taken over the top level of the dove cote and have baby birds in the nest. 
The  Mother starling was sounding a high pitch alarm.

This is why! The two blue girls had plans..... plans I would not let them carry out.

But if they had been a hunting pukekos I would be encouraging them on!

The pukekos have pulled out ALL my seedlings and I am not very happy at all with them!

Pukekos are such wasteful birds, I don;t mind sharing some items from my garden but get rather cross with just total destruction.

This is WAR pukekos!

 All I want for Christmas is a gun!


  1. Lovely photos, with names inserted. Your visitors look very settled and happy, treats, well ,any good cat knows to look for goodies when they first arrive.Cheers from Jean

    1. Smile it is wonderful seeing the cats come back. Jack and Rosa are very settled here, too funny how they know my routine.

  2. I'd send R down with the gun except you would probably thank him by sending home a cat!
    ( ps A spud gun works quite well too...all noise and no kill).There must be some solution to your puk problem. A length of plastic scrunchy netting just thrown over the top and held down with rocks or battens might work. I got a 6x2 metre length in a packet from Palmers for about $16. It is very reusable. A scarecrow?

    1. R will be safe - no cats to send your way. Put up tunnel yesterday to plant the lettuces - pretty ticked off they got my veges I planted as now it is out of the moon phase to be planting by the moon. I found a pukeko nest and have taken their egg - the war has begun!
      Love Leanne-

  3. Hi Hon,
    I think you meant to put high pitch alarm, not high bitch. Glad to see all the cats out in the sun, too windy here for much sun bathing today.

    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. Oh MY _ BLUSH thank you - just fixed it!

      It was cold up here today and cold tonight - electric blanket on and jumpers on here tonight.
      Thanks again for catching my typo! (BLUSH!!!)

      Love Leanne