January 11, 2013

Friday 11th January

Chicken Tales
 Rory Rooster is one of our first animals we got when we moved here Easter 2000 - He is one loved rooster and has a forever home here. Rory isn't crowing as much in the morning as he used to.(He is about 14 or 15 years old) In his youth he would begin crowing at 3am... which was how we came to own him.
 He was living at a camp site and many campers complained at the early wake up call.
And we had a troublesome neighbour who complained about EVERYTHING.... SMILE...

Brent got me to ring up the the council to research the law about owning a rooster residing on our property before I got Rory. As we are classed rural, roosters are allowed to live here. AWESOME. 

Rory was true to form and crowed LOUDLY at 3am.

The pesky neighbour had their house on the market a week later.

I love Rory!!! He is getting old and keeps giving us little frights. He nods off during the day now and as we walk past we all gently call his name - Rory. Phew he wakes up.

 Rory is a true gentleman and looks after his girls.

The black hen on left is Carol and middle hen is Angie (James named them after two of our librarians)  The hen on the right is Clara.

 White hen on left is Betty - also after one of our local librarians (Betty spoils James and holds books for him to look at before anyone else but shhhhh). The brown shaver is Brodie which is the only hen we have raised and still going strong...

shhhh they are in James' garden, and he will NOT be pleased to see this photo.

And no we have never had one of the hens on the dinner table, they are all pets.
Louise is a frizzle - James and I cherish Louise who is very misunderstood by the other chickens. They push her out of their clicky group and is often seen off to the side on her own. It is a bit of her own fault as she doesn't seem to have any chicken social skills... Louise steals all the hens eggs laid each day and pretends they are hers.

Causes quite a racket in the chicken coop.

NB We only got one egg today and it was Louise's - we can tell as hers are the littlest - yesterday we got 3 eggs (including one from Louise) SOMEONE is NOT earning their keep.... which is what happens when you get too attached to livestock - they all end up here for their retirement...

Louise reminds Abbey  of Aunt Pitty Pat off Gone with the Wind...

The blue girls keeping the chickens off James' garden.
(click photo to make bigger)


Highly recommend Big Miracle - based on a true story,
4 out of 5 from us. Well worth getting out at the DVD shop.
PST don't watch the trailer it gives too much of the story away!

FarmStay Guests...
Leo, Minka. Molly and Bella are all doing great, sorry no photos - I forgot to charge my camera batteries. Hope their owners are enjoying their holiday.

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  1. Rory Rooster is GORGEOUS! My (first) rooster Liberty is in his troublesome teenage years. My oh my. What a learning experience!

    Glad to see someone else keeping the ladies "into retirement"!

    1. We were ever so lucky with Rory he has always been mild mannered - but I had been warned what roosters can be like. Hope Liberty makes it through his teenage years and not end up in the pot.

      I need to harden up re keeping all these animals in their retirement... Next generation will not be so lucky - I'm reading River cottage and trying to get my head around and con the family to start raising them for the pot.... The goslings MAY be the first... we will see.

      I keep trying to focus on knowing what we will be eating instead of not knowing where or HOW the animals from the supermarket have been kept... Makes it all a bit real.

      Love Leanne

  2. What a beautiful old bird Rory is! Sounds like he has more than earned his keep!

    1. Oh Yes Rory is very very special! he gives us all frights now with his little naps he keeps taking.. GASP

      Love Leanne

  3. I love the family of hens & of course Rory, he is a handsome ole thing! Do they scratch up the new plants in the garden? I like The big miracle too.

    1. Rory sure is a fine ole rooster - doubt we will ever find one as lovely as him. YES they do scratch up the new plants and that is why they are supervised when in the garden. They make a bee line for it GROAN.
      Love Leanne

  4. Hi, I’m Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (http://annesfunnyfarm.blogspot.com), and I’m visiting from the Farm Girl Friday blog hop.

    What a nice, sweet, homey post. I feel like I know your flock now! I'm glad you have a nice roo. Mine was so nasty, God rest his soul.

    Anyway, thanks for posting this. If you’ve never visited yet, I hope you can pop by my blog sometime to say hi…

    1. Anne, we were told soo many scary stories of roosters before we got Rory but I'm pleased to say Rory has been perfect. Never once chased me or the kids. BUT Gus our gander HE is another story.
      Love leanne

  5. Oh Leanne, how wonderful Rory is and all his women ... it's hard to put them in the pot when your give them names ... impossible ... and those baby geese ... yikes, how cute are they ...

    Love always,

    1. Jan I think you are right.. re names.

      The goslings I am calling roast 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6 TRYING to get the family thinking about raising them for the pot.

      Gus could go in the pot any day (not that the family would let me) BUT he attacks me - I couldn't get to the cattery this morning as he kept charging and chasing me. grrrrrr

      As for Rory he is a true gentleman.

      Love Leanne

  6. Beautiful cats! Rory is really an old rooster, isn't he? We have two, one young one and they sort of get along but the poor hens having to live with two of them!

  7. Kathy Thanks - the cats we bred and now come back for a holiday. It's great seeing them again and we enjoy that their owners can go on holiday without worrying about their loved pet.
    We let our hens have a clutch but they were all roosters was really days than none were hens as our son was young then and we had to give all of the roosters away.We won't keep a nother rooster as don;t want Rory ever to be knocked off his perch.
    Love Leanne

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  9. Love your chicken tales and story about Rory. We're considering getting chickens ourselves and know we have a lot to learn. I've enjoyed reading about your chickens and you gave me a laugh. Sure now I don't want to get a rooster.