January 26, 2013

Friday 25th January


Grandma - isn't that one of the most wonderful words in the world? 
One of my friends is going to be a Grandma. 

A baby quilt just has to be started don't you think?

I've been joking it is going to be an I.E.W. quilt - as maybe the baby might be homeschooled since the mother was.
Homeschooling users of IEW would get the -ly word

And Banned word. list (even tho I only have one N to play with)

 A friend had given me her discarded project ages ago, so as I am being a minimalist
 (not in the quilting area GASP , everything in the quilting draws are my treasures).
I am being mindful and knew I had these templates - so sort of being a little minimalist by using them up.

 All the hard work of cutting out the letters and numbers, ironing on the interfacing and sewing 1/4 inch around the letters has been done for me.

 All I have to do is iron the 1/4 inch seam

 Glue in place, and with my machine blanket stitch around the outside.

Eleven blocks got made yesterday afternoon. Whoop whoop.
AND two rows of my nine patch too.
It's rather grand to get time to play

Cat Tales...
Maji and Freya on top of their cattery run.

My cats always get frisky with the full moon energy -  The Wort Moon is one of my favourite and she was out last night nearly fully full.

FarmStay Guests.

I said my goodbyes to Bella and Molly last night - explaining to them that they get to sleep in their own bed Saturday night. 
They have been here 38 days - you can't help but get attached to the cats that have a long stay.

 Molly and I played our game we play and I captured it sort of ...

 You see, I tap the shelf and call Molly's name and she jumps to the shelf.

 Then I run back to scratching pole and tap it, calling Molly - she comes running. We do this little ritual for quite a few rounds.
Molly's mum didn't want Molly to put on any weight while staying here - so the exercise of our little game hopefully has helped with any weight gain.

Bella is in the background - eating her  mince - Bella loves mince but doesn't seem to put any weight on even though she eats two whole bowl fulls.

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  1. Go you on all that sewing! I plan on being VERY creatively productive today LOL I'm interested to see the progression of your baby quilt :o)

    Do you have a "sport" setting on your camera? The shutter sped is faster when photographing moving objects (like Molly he he) I'm sure Bella and Molly are going to be missed! {{hugs}}

    1. Abbey told me people probably think it is a NERD quilt they way i shared it on blog - it is just an ABC baby quilt, but I think it is boring starting at A... LOL

      I really need to learn how to use my camera. One of my goals when Ive finished homeschooling is get a posh camera and go on a camera course.

      Yes I did miss Molly and Bella last night - but it was lovely seeing the great welcome they gave their family.
      Love Leanne

  2. You are going great with your sewing!

    1. Yep - BUT you should see my lounge but it is a busy active mess... We have one craft table up and two sewing machines as Abbey is sewing when able (in a bad crash at the moment and very sore)
      I'm glad I can stay at home and look after her and keep her company. Stella is amazing and knows when she is not too good an just spends the whole day lying with Abbey on the day bed. AMAZING!
      Love Leanne