January 19, 2013

Saturday 18th January

Geese tales
 The goslings are three and a half weeks old and just starting to get used to their wings - it's a delightful  watching them waddle along with all of their wings out. Will try and get a video if I can to show you all.
But remember DO NOT get attached - their names are roast 1, roast 2, roast 3, roast 4, roast 5, roast 6 GULP This IS taking living off the land up a notch...

Rory rooster and his girls was featured on Farmgirl Friday hop  - I'm still learning what a blog hop is about soo much to learn re blogging! Thank you for featuring Rory and his harem. I think I put this on my side bar? Blogging is keeping me up to date with computer skills that is for sure.And you meet such interesting folk from all over the word FUN!
Minimalist family

We are kept rather busy selling items on Trade Me - bundling up all the parcels to take to the post office. This week I've sold $144 - haven't added up the kids money yet. BUT it is addictive. Living with less is actually a freeing feeling, once you get past the fear of I might need this one day.... But I will be honest a couple of items I've gone oh no I don't want that to go... But then I know I can go to the library to borrow books on the different artists. I hope over the weekend to hit another book shelf.

FarmStay Guests...

 Indigo is stunning - she had a fault when born - as you can see her right front paw had WHITE on her paw - it went right through to the back. Her family didn't mind in fact they quite liked her white paw. I'll see if Indigo minds me taking a photo of her paw today to show you all. Of all the kittens we bred she is the only one that had a clear white patch on her paw - of course we called her patch as a kitten

Indi is eating well - she needs lots of wet food as can get bunged up on too many cat nuts. Plus she only likes to drink out of running water at home so I like to watch close her water bowl hoping she has a little slurp.

Do not be fooled by the Monty - he is a character and I'm on to him! He is an escape artist and watches every door open and close. He can somersault out of the door way like the little kittens used to. Totally adores cuddles and snuggles right in.

Monty is a big kitten and plays hard - a web camera would be such fun to have in his run.

Molly is soo like her mother Laura and she give me nice cuddles. She  is being loyal to her family tho and only gives me just enough attention to make her happy.

Oh I am happy to report the birds finally like my new feeder - but ummm they eat ALL of the seed and it is starting to really eat into my pocket money buying bird seed for such a big feeder LOL I'll go up to farm shop and buy it in bulk me thinks.

Bella always wants to just eat when I feed her - and treats me as the maid, she thinks I am beneath her. But if Brent or another male comes - well she is all over the men! The fuss she gives the males...

Minka is stunning and smiling happily knowing her family arrive Saturday to take her home. She doesn't mind being here and always gives me bug purrs and rubs around my legs


  1. You are brave getting rid of so many treaures, not sure I could.
    All the cats have such personality.

    1. Leeanne it is quite freeing - I've just asked the family what books they want to keep. I know in a years time when I ask again they will be ready to let go of more. It is a process and I've been doing this slowly now for 13 years (we came from a big 4 bedroom home with two lounges to a small villa)
      Love Leanne

  2. I wish I could cat sit, but I am allergic to their dander. I adore Patches. What a handsome cat.

  3. They are just lovely! I love cats and all their different personalities. My Sam is so independent and even at 13 loves a good piece of string. :) Kit