January 6, 2013

Saturday 5th January 2013

Barn tales...
 Maybe you are all seeing the start of something? James's first home made guitar out of steel.

Minimalist tales..

By putting up with a bit of chaos while sorting and choosing what to let go of can be a bit daunting .
BUT  It is going to be SOOO WORTH IT. 
I'm really amazed at just what we are ready to let go of. BUT I have a dream of one day travelling around New Zealand in a housetruck when we are retired, and we are not going to need much stuff at all to do just that. Abbey dreams of owning a tiny house.. James, he dreams of living in the bottom paddock in a shed and coming up to the house for his meals and washing done....

Geese Tales...

Thought you all might like a video of the goslings.... We think we have three girls and three boys by their colouring.

WARNING You all are NOT going to like my thoughts ....
 but I've been setting the seed with the family that maybe, just maybe we should raise them for the pot. GASP

Gathering tales...
Our home killed beef arrived and for me there is nothing more satisfying knowing I am feeding my family on food that has been raised as organic as possible, and which has not had the traumatic travel of going to the meat works. Was raised on grass in an open field and we know exactly where the meat came from. February our diet will change to lamb from ours off the land.

I do struggle at buying my meat at the supermarket not knowing what or how the animal was raised.
 I'm a fan of the hunter gatherer diet and Western Price

FarmStay Guests

Minka with her ears back, she has been a bit grizzly (reminds us of how Rosa can be) Nothing seems to be right... I think I hurt her feelings as I belly laughed at Minka today. She was looking outside growling.. at a bird!
Minka likes to sit and grizzle at Bella and Molly. Bella moans back (they sound like two moaning old ladies). This is why we built solid walls so the cats can't see each other all of the time. Minka is actually very settled - she is eating well and gives me big rubs around my legs and enjoys her pats. She just like to grizzle.

Molly oh she looks soo much like Laura her mum and she seems to be fond of me. No photos of Bella .. I nearly took a video of her dragging her mince around the ground (she has shocking table manners) but I thought that would be a bit rude.... Bella's new game is to egg on Minka, she is a bit of a tease....


  1. Leanne, truly there is nothing to compare with meat off your own land. It tastes sooo much better than what we get from a butcher, maybe all the " best cuts" go overseas. From experience!! Cheers from Jean. p.s. Not from our own 3 acres, however.

  2. I so agree with you about buying from the market ... in our country it's just hideous how some creatures are treated ... right now I don't live in an area where I could get my hands on any of this kind of meat but I so agree with you. I have no problem about raising your geese for consumption (although I would have a hard time of it myself....wold have to have someone else do the deed). I think that's because I remember when my Grandpa had his farm when I was a little girl and Daddy would chop their head off for dinner and Mom and Grandma would pluck the feathers and cook it up ... it tasted wonderful.

    Love always,

  3. Roast goose - yum yum! I so agree with you on the store-bought meat. We were given a beast by Rob's brother when we arrived here in Tauranga and it has been such a huge blessing and so tender and fat free, and we were able to watch it running around in his paddock. I'm not sure how we're going to go back to the other once it is all gone. Might have to think about raising our own on his land.

  4. I agree about the meat. I hate buying from the butcher but being in the city have little choice. As for the geese why not raise them to eat? Hugs,xx.

  5. Congratulations on that steel guitar!!!

  6. Very cute wee family --- but the pot...!!!! Wow with the guitar, what does it sound like? I admire your resole with the 'tidy out' but just couldn't see myself doing it... although it is such a good feeling when there is less 'stuff' around!!