January 21, 2013

Sunday 20th Janurary

Living off the land
It takes work living off the land. We are a bit late with splitting the wood usually it is done in October. 
So in the cool of the afternoon shade Brent has begun ringing the logs ready for the splitter.


One of my favourite herbs to grow is soapwort.

One of my goals was to write about a herb a week in 2013... MMM I'm two weeks behind.  I hope to catch up this week.

Geese and chicken

Roast dinner 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. But gasp, roast 6 is missing (please note I am trying to sike myself and the family up to raise these cute goslings for the pot. The secret is not to get attached... yea right!)

This wee girl had got herself stuck in the chicken coop and couldn't work out how to get out. James had to come to her rescue.

The family all together again - Geraldine goose leads the flock and Gus the gander always takes the rear.
We are wondering (this being our very first time raising goslings) if Gus and Geraldine will detach themselves from such a protective role when the goslings get older. Mother cats do and were more than happy for their kittens to leave at about 10 weeks of age.

close up of their wings that they keep trying out. I do hope I can get a photo to share of them all stretching out their little wings as soo cute.

James had to help old Louise off her perch - she just sat dozing (she is getting old too)

We let the chickens out of their coop under supervision otherwise they end up in my vegetable garden - which is not a good thing! Louise needed waking up otherwise she would miss out of her free range time.

Free ranging is soo good for the birds. But it is so much easier to buy a chicken all prepared from the supermarket without having to know or SEE how our the bird was raised. We have been desensitised of how and where our food is raised. When you raise a chicken  it does make you wonder WHAT the chickens are being fed to end up in the supermarket as a size 24...

Our chickens are retired pets, not sure if the next round of chickens could be raised for the table - they all have their own personality - maybe if we raised just one breed and didn't name them.

Cat Tales...

Laura does know better!

Laura does know not to walk on the cars...

Laura encourages her daughters to play on my VW too.

I'm sure they are both calling Freya to come and play

Sure enough I was right .
I'm meant to be thinking about selling the VW as he is not very practical (Yes he is a he - his name is bugly). He is  a very tight squeeze for teenage boys to sit in the back, their heads hit the back window and they have to sit forward - not very comfortable I am told..  I'm really enjoying having a car of my own again after years of not having my own car (Brent used to take the VW to work). Brent brought Tabitha the commodore to go back and forward to work in. But I really love my VW...

FarmStay Guests...
Minka went home Saturday and Indigo on Sunday. Monty goes home Monday

Taking photos on my own is not one of my gifts - Monty was just too pleased to see me to sit still for a photo.

Molly playing rope with me - as you do.

 I got an awful fright while sitting in the cattery at 1.45pm - Bella was on my knee having a love when eeeek and earthquake. A horrible feeling being locked in cattery run and no one else at home.
 It has taken till now for Bella to bond with me. She has been fine with Brent and the kids and tolerated me - but no way would she make a fuss of me until now, one week before she has to leave. Molly has been fine with me and gives me big loves.

Molly having some grass - It looks a tad messy but I like to let it grow as the cats do enjoy having some and then ralphing it up for me to clean up

I've opened up the door between the runs so Molly and Bella have access to the full outdoor run..They are fully making use of both runs.


  1. Lovely babies, they grow so fast. Our Poppy so likes to sit on any other car that comes here, we have a car cover on the big wagon, as she leaves paw prints all over the pristine polished paint!! Your girls might like the view from higher up, or just a skid down the windscreen. Cheers from Jean

    1. I was pleased Laura didn't invite all the other cats up.

  2. Hi Leanne, I've just had a lovely catch up read of all your goings-on lately. How awesome that you got to spend time with the sperm whale. And congratulations to Abbey on her acceptance and also both kids on the NZCEA results. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the goslings' wings.... but please keep stories of the stew-pot plans for them to yourself!!!! The soapwort flowers are lovely - I grew something 'worty' once and was intrigued by the unusual flowers.

    1. Ok will from now on be a fell good PC blog - GIGGLE

      I've just found my quilting project for the year - something new but hay what fun!

  3. I'm with you on the chicken meat. Lately I haven't bought any chicken meat, but I do love the taste. I need to find somewhere that sells free range chicken meat. When I look at the meat in the supermarket I picture hens jam packed into cages.
    It will take great courage to eat roast 1-6, but there are other people who do it too, if that helps?
    Our two boys ( cats ) have the full run of one side of the cattery, they weren't too sure when we left them there ( new surroundings & smells ), but I'm sure they will be enjoying a wee holiday, maybe Rose will turn up there?

    1. Leeanne _ I'm the same I am really struggling buying from the supermarket. One of James' friends now goes shooting and I'm on his client base for deer, pig and ducks. He said he will do the deed for me re the geese. They have been up pooping by my backdoor - YUCK!

      I'm sorry Rose hasn't come home. If you fly down to WN you could bring your boys here to stay next time - happy to do green dollar trade.
      Love Leanne

  4. Hi Leanne, when you talk about eating the geese I think of a story I heard last year. It was about the Russians who were starving during the second world war, and resorted to eating their cats. Because they couldn't face eating their own pet, they often swapped with someone in the building. Not that you want to eat any cats, but maybe someone will exchange birds with you?

    I guess though it defeats the purpose, that you know where and how your own geese were raised. They are just so cute, and I love how protective Gus and geraldine are of them. They are good parents.

    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. Julie - that made me sad re the hunger - must of been very hard for them (was it in a novel? I'm hanking for another good book)

      I have one of James' friends all lined up to do the deed on the geese for me - PLUS he is going to do our sheep so I can keep the skin and make sheepskin rugs. Plus he is getting me some merino wool and possum wool - now I really NEED a spinning wheel.
      Love Leanne