January 16, 2013

Tuesday 15th January

NCEA results were on line yesterday -
HUGE amount of joy in our family yesterday.
James passed level 1 with merit (so in my day that would be School Certificate with a B)
It was a lovely surprise to see he passed all of his external exams with merits and even one excellence. 
I burst into tears seeing the results. 
The hard work over the years has paid off. Of course I phoned his assessor who said at age 7 he was one of her worst cases she had seen and her verdict was he may never read or write. We have stayed with the same assessor and she has been very interested in James saying she had read about kiddies like James but never in her working career seen such progress. James tried to ring his Speld tutor but she must of been away. But the main credit goes to James - yes book work is harder for him but he gives it his all and works hard.

Abbey got her official results which she has been waiting for - University Entrance and NCEA level 3. We knew she had these but she has been needing the official results. Any day now I can share some BIG news.

Homeschooling has worked well for our family it has enabled our kids to get well educated around all of their challenges.

We are so very proud of Abbey and James.

I was interested to read  Auckland University no longer accepts homeschoolers under Provisional Entry. An Application for Admission to The University of Auckland based on a homeschool education will only be considered for entrance on the basis of a recognised qualification or pathway.

FarmStay Guests...

The weather has been grey, COLD and wet... Even though the cats were warm and dry in the outdoor runs - I thought they may prefer being in the cattery... I'm not sure if they did as they had to adjust to their new rooms.... It is fine again today so I will move them back outside and get the inside cattery rooms ready for Monty and Indigo who arrive on Thursday.

Minka enjoying her Whiskas chicken casserole - she licked the gravy clean dry.

Bella and Molly also enjoyed their Whiskars dinner.

Once again - Bella is very hard to get a good photo...


  1. That's terrifically good news. Congratulations to All as I think it was a family effort.More goal setting now?

    1. ALI I am bursting at the seams to share. James is working hard at moment on his computer studies trying to have it nearly all done before school goes back to surprise his teacher that a student has finished all his years work before the start of the school year LOL

  2. Abbey and James, Congrats of the highest order!! I so remember the days waiting for the mail to arrive, opening the letter so nervously, hoping for the best. Now you can do this at the click of the mouse!!!Yes, this will have been a truly family enterprise, over many years, so ALL very best wishes to ALL ... and... more news to come???Very fond greetings to all at MBFS, from Jean.

    1. Thank you Jean - yes more news to come - it is going to make an interesting year to come and I am making sure I do not take on too much so I can be taxi mum.

  3. Congratulations Abbey & James. Very well done. Hugs,xx.

  4. Big Congratulations to both James and Abbey!! I look forward to reading about the next BIG news :o)

    I wish I were a cat...I'd love to came stay at MandaBurms. It looks sooo comfy!


    1. Julia - thanks - and I bet you can imagine how hard I have found it NOT being able to share the next step, SMILE

      I think the cats like staying here, they must as the cats that stayed last year are coming back again this year which is nice as we have already got to know them all growed up.

      It was cold last night here so before bed James and I took out hotties to the cats - imagine summer giving out hotties...

  5. wohoo.....such awesome news. So proud. <3

    1. Oh Pam thank YOU for being on the homeschool journey with me and being MY cheer leader. As you know I am soo proud and burst into tears seeing James' results. All but one external exam he passed with merit the other pass was an excellence. All the hard work is now paying off. Thank y0u for being such a good friend

  6. Yayyyyy! Congrats to both James and Abbey. They really worked hard and so did you to get where they are today. I imagine that home schooling presents it's own challenges, no I know it does, so I'm really excited they both did so well. Nothing can stop them now, esp. as they have such a loving mother.

    And Bella is a beautiful cat and does take good pictures. Tell her I told you so ;)

    1. Wendy YEP homeschooling has many challenges especially with soo many fundamental Christians....I think we have been on the beginning wave of homeschooling for non religious reasons.(I still think the worst day was when some well meaning local Christians took James aside without my knowledge and prayed for him - telling him he had the devil in him that is why he was soo sick)

      IMAGINE the damage that could of done if the kids hadn't told me about the incident - I saw red! But looking back the experiences has shaped our kids especially for the career path Abbey is taking.

      Many new families are coming to homeschooling also maybe because their kids would of fallen through the systems cracks too.

      I laughed at your comment re Bella - she never looks at the camera but man what a show she put on for a family that came here yesterday - bunting, purring and smooching for pats. Wish I had my camera on me then.
      Love Leanne

  7. Congratulations James! How proud of him you all must be, what a wonderful achievement for him and all the family........ Well done to you all!