February 4, 2013

A Typical weekend.

Saturday started off with a "we are Camping" attitude as we had no hot water. We had smelt a horrible chemical smell in the laundry on Friday but never connected the smell to the hot water element burning. Plans for cutting wood had to be put on back burner. Brent is a handy fella and drained the hot water tank, removed the element, zipped to supply shop. Returned home and replaced the element.
Saturday afternoon was ringing logs
Sunday Brent gave the chainsaw to James and James worked at wood cutting. A tree was cut down that had half broken off - which was actually still alive.TIMBER.
Weather permitting a wood splitter will be hired next weekend.

Our family has enjoyed watching the first season of The Andy Griffith show. It didn't take us long to get used to watching Black n White. Brought back many memories and I enjoyed introducing the kids to Aunt Bee. 

[Aunt Bee has hit Briscoe with a spoon] Ow! What'd you do that for?
AUNT BEE TAYLOR "No elbows on the table".
BRISCOE DARLING [to Andy] That ain't fair; her hittin' first and explainin' the rules after.

Everyone just loves Aunt Bee.

FarmStay Guests...
Baxter has been a bit fussy eating - he hasn't wanted his tinned fish, A selection of cat nuts was offered and he liked science diet t/d dental health nuts.

Hello dad says Baxter.Baxter follows his dad around everywhere at home - even to the loo I'm told. A very friendly fellow.


  1. Good on you Baxter, glad that you at least ate some biscuits.

    Must be nice to have warm water now. Am glad the garden is getting a soaking today, of course it rains on my day off, but after the vet am going to laze around and read my book.

    julie and Poppy Q

    1. Baxter is lovely - a really friendly fella - Yes glad he likes some biscuits.
      OOOh hot water BLISS and soo nice to see the rain the grass and vege garden needs it.
      Love Leanne

  2. Pics of wood, very familiar. Our pine is drying so fast with the hot days, YIPPEE, we have rain, it began about 8.15 and still going. Hot water, we take it for granted that it is always on tap, (pardon the pun), we had to have a whole new cylinder some years ago, the bottom rusted away/ corroded / or something. Clever man, your Brent, Greetings from Jean. p.s. James is a clever man too.Abbey, when do you start study days?

    1. With all the heavy rain (not complaining the grass and garden needs it) but the wood is swimming in puddles eeek.
      Love Leanne