February 18, 2013

Sunday 17th February

Living off the land...

I'm one step closer to doing something off my bucket list. Which is to spin and knit a jumper off the wool of one of our sheep we have raised on our land.

by Gillian Kemp

The beautiful Beech tree, elephant-gray with light-brown buds in Winter, predicts a wonderful, budding phase for you.  Because its copper-yellow leaves fall only when new leaves begin to sprout, the Beech advises that you make certain of your future rather than leave things to chance.   You may need to push, like leaves pushing out from their buds in Springtime.  Perhaps you should search out the best opportunities, just as the leaves twist around to catch maximum sunlight.  The shadow cast beneath the tree deters wildlife, implying solitude.  It is time to secure your base, just as the main root supports the base of the trunk.

I spent a lot of time thinking of a name for my new wheel, I tried to find out the history of the wheel and maybe a name but the lady who was selling her didn't really know.

She is a "she" I am sure, as she is made of beech wood, female energy, The Queen of the forest. 
Beech wood being the element of air and earth, associated with learning, lore and knowledge. I think beech wood is perfect for a spinning wheel.

In Westphalia, Germany, in the 18th century, it was believed that babies were picked out of a hollow beech tree (rather than delivered by the stork.)

I just love folklore don't you?

I've named her Tasha after Tasha Tudor. As she is an Ashford spinning wheel made in New Zealand. I can get spare parts for her and with a bit of TLC She will be as good as new.

The shearer will be called tonight so I can have some wool to learn to spin with.

James has lots of driving experience in his truck, picking up my Trade Me wins. And stopping at Petone spring to refill our drinking water.

The Hot water cylinder for the Bush bath.

View out my window...
 Some blue blue blue sky for all in the Northern hemisphere. 

And the sunflower has opened but as it is following the sun I'm seeing the back of the sunflower from my kitchen window.

Summer sunset. 

MandaBurms FarmStay Guests..
A huge thank you to everyone who has left such lovely comments re the guests. I know the owners of cats staying here do log into the blog while they are away,when they can get Internet connection to check on their cats. It must bring them great joy to see such wonderful comments of their loved cat.

And yes if you have friends who would like to have their cat stay at our MandaBurms FarmStay get them to make contact with us. This year we have opened up the cattery for friends of MandaBurms


Milo - he loves fresh mince.

Muddy - who was in a very frisky mood today- he is booked in for his nails to be cut.

Ollie who pulled the cover off the chair, just the way he likes it.

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  1. I love the wheel. It will be great when you are able to start spinning. Its a really peaceful pasttime. Can't wait to see what you spin this year.
    Margaret xx

    1. Margaret I do think I am crazy taking on another project - but at least I am NEVER bored. I do expect it to be a five minute wonder with a goal to make a vest for Brent in the paddock and a shawl for me off the land. James is allergic to wool, and Abbey would spin/knit her own as she is a much neater knitter than me.
      I'm looking forward to it.
      Love Leanne

  2. Charles ! You have so much food !!!
    I've never have that much food, Now I wonder how I gain weight ?
    Enjoy your pawsome day

    1. Mr Puddy
      When Charles is at home he goes bush and hunts rats. he likes to bring home his hunting and place the rat in the house...
      I think it keeps him trim.
      Love Leanne

  3. I would think any jumper etc made entirely by you ( with a bit of help from the sheep! ) will bring such contentment & pleasure, a bit like making a quilt.
    I'm pleased Mr Mouse is now enjoying the view.
    All your furry visitors look peaceful & happy.

    1. Leeanne thank you. I am lucky that I know Brent will love it and quite likes rustic type look - so if my spinning is uneven and bobbly Brent will still love it.

      I'm pure mad taking on something else... but I've wanted to do this since we first got sheep. Will just have to try and find the time.
      Love Leanne

  4. Love your new spinning wheel! Think of all the yarns you can spin now ;-) And the kitties will be so entertained by all those balls of yarn too! Thanks so much for sharing this on The Creative HomeAcre Hop!!!

    1. Oh Lisa Lynn - thank you, I know Brent will get Tasha the spinning wheel looking as good as new by the time he has finished with her. And oh I have been thinking of all the yarn I can spin. Our son has a friend that hunts possums and plucks them for spinners. Friends have alpaca's.....Not that I am too get too carried away.
      Love Leanne

    2. Lol! Get carried away! Never :) Hope to see you tomorrow on the next Creative HomeAcre hop! I love having you share your posts with us!

  5. It sure has been a glorious group of weeks with all of this sunshine, but the last couple of evenings there has been the first signs of nips in the air.

    We love hearing about all of your cheeky visitors, they sure seem to have fun staying with you.

    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. Morning Julie and Poppy Q. Yes the days have been wonderful I try and be outside as much as I can soaking up the sun rays. Bit chilly this morning and in the garden lots of signs that autumn is not far off.
      The boys go on Friday - I will miss them. Charles is very fond of me and reminds me very much of my Laura. But he brings rats home at his house that wouldn;t please me.
      Love Leanne

  6. Ohhh love the wheel, may you many happy hours with tasha.