April 11, 2013

Thursday 11th April

MandaBurms FarmStay Guest

Pinot say hello to his girls who are watching the blog while on holiday

He says he is having a great time and loves his feather fishing -  Pinot goes crazy for the feathers.

Cosby and Ella enjoy hooning around - Cosby is working out how to undo the door latch...
I wonder if he knows there is another two different latches on the outside of the door - Very clever these Mandaburms - Our Caro is an expert at opening doors and windows so we learnt years ago to Caro-proof all our cattery.

I'm sitting here at the computer thinking is this Ella or Cosby? Abbey told me off the other day when I had said it was Cosby but no.. it was Ella. I can tell them apart no problem in the cattery but sitting back here at computer I go err ummm.
Brent says its easy - Cosby is the man cat